Michael Dowd ~ Thank God For Evolution

Michael Dowd

Reverend Michael Dowd is one of the most inspiring speakers in America today. For the past 7 years he and his wife, Connie Barlow, a noted science writer, have lived permanently on the road sharing a sacred view of evolution with more than a thousand religious and secular audiences of all ages, as America’s evolutionary evangelists.

Michael's teachings address the role our evolution plays in addiction and points the way to healing.

Robert Augustus Masters

Robert Augustus Masters

Since 1977 I've worked as a psychotherapist (I have a Ph.D. in Psychology), group leader, bodyworker, and teacher of spiritual deepening practices, integrating the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual in my practice. Most weekends these days I'm leading groups or trainings.

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Leslie Hershberger, MA -

Enneagram Teacher Extraordinaire for Integral Recovery

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Ken Wilber

The Inspiration for Integral Recovery...

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