The Enneagram Center for Transformation & Change

Utilizing the Enneagram to awaken what is best and essential in each unique individual.

Accessing the depth wisdom of the Enneagram to transform fixated habits of suffering, to halt 
addiction relapse, and to powerfully improve the quality of life in those who have established a 
drug-free life.

iAwake Technologies

New, cutting edge, brain entrainment company creating neuro-technology for awakening, healing and life optimization. John Dupuy and owner and CEO.

Still Mountain Retreat Guide

Still Mountain Retreat Guide

Still Mountain is a website committed to providing resources and guidance for people seeking spiritual retreats—helping individuals, adolescents, couples, and families find the retreat, workshop, or healing modality that best meets their needs. We offer a wide range of resources about retreat centers, journeys, pilgrimages, workshops and professionals, to meet the growing need for stillness, healing and transformation in our world.

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