WhatNext Integral Conference

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12/28/2012 - 01/01/2013


Omni Interloken Hotel Broomfield, CO
United States

Join us for this watershed, co-creative, community experience! We’re bringing together your favorite Integral visionaries, the brightest new voices, and Ken Wilber himself “live” for a dynamic experience.

John Dupuy will be presenting one of the TED-style talks, as well as holding Profound Meditation morning sessions and a "Friends of Ken & Bill meeting."


The What Next Conference is designed to help you discover who’s doing what in the many realms of integral application. What is the future calling us to? How we live and work more integrally. And what the global culture is calling for from our movement. Please join us as we celebrate and explore with interactive play, adventurous ideas, and heartfelt creativity — it won’t be the same without you.  Read more »

More Notes from the Inner Front

I looked for myself and found only God. I looked for God and found only myself.

-One of my favorite Sufi sayings  Read more »

Home for the Holidays: How Deep is Your Love?

Ken Wilber has said in talks that if you want to check the depth of your spiritual realization, go home for the holidays and see how you do. This always evokes nervous laughter from the audience, and I know from my own experience, that it is quite easy to feel at Second Tier during an Integral workshop in the presence of great teachers and other like-minded aspirants. Nothing to it. On the other hand, go home for a week (in my case it was 10 days) and see how you fare.

First of all, let me say that I adore my family, and that I got off the plane with an heroic intention of practicing loving kindness, and avoiding conversations about politics. Much to the credit of my parents, they realized this also, and we experienced only a few slips, from which we quickly recovered.

One thing I have learned is that, at least for me, there is no excuse for not practicing.  Read more »

News From the Inner Front


I woke up a bit late this morning and noticed that I was feeling reluctant to do my hour’s meditation. I was feeling antsy and was tempted to make some excuse that perhaps I shouldn’t do it today. Actually, there was never a question as to whether I would meditate or not, because that is just what I do at this point; come rain, sunshine or blizzard, I do meditate. For me, practice has gone beyond a discipline and it is just what I do as an expression of my being. But today I noticed my reluctance. (I do Holosync™ binaural meditation, by the way; I am three years and two months into the process.)

For me, reluctance is always a sure sign that there is something that wants to emerge, something that I need to look at.  Read more »

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