WhatNext Integral Conference

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December 28, 2012 - January 1, 2013


Omni Interloken Hotel Broomfield, CO
United States

Join us for this watershed, co-creative, community experience! We’re bringing together your favorite Integral visionaries, the brightest new voices, and Ken Wilber himself “live” for a dynamic experience.

John Dupuy will be presenting one of the TED-style talks, as well as holding Profound Meditation morning sessions and a "Friends of Ken & Bill meeting."


The What Next Conference is designed to help you discover who’s doing what in the many realms of integral application. What is the future calling us to? How we live and work more integrally. And what the global culture is calling for from our movement. Please join us as we celebrate and explore with interactive play, adventurous ideas, and heartfelt creativity — it won’t be the same without you.

  • Social activism, politics, public policy, civic engagement
  • Personal growth, integral practice, transformational arts
  • Leadership, business development, coaching
  • Relationships, sexuality, parenting
  • Art, design, writing, film, performance
  • Spirituality, insight, practice, applications
  • Ecology, sustainability, international development
  • Psychology, social work, therapy
  • Medicine, nursing, and healing work

 It’s building momentum.

You can sense it within.
It’s a growing sense of playful, focused, heart-based intelligence.
It’s shifting the Integral movement itself.
It asks us …

How can I harness the Integral vision as I grow into something new?
How can we translate these ideas into powerful, positive impact for our world?
What does the next stage of active, engaged community feel like?

Forget about long presentations and teachings. At What Next, Integral gets fluid, real, and jazzy. Dynamic, fast-paced presentations, TED style. Ideas Karoke. Real Time Community Participation. Interaction to the max.

What Next is about spotlighting excellence, building community and stimulating real-time co-creation.

It’s our intention to:

  • Get massively inspired.
  • Explore the innovative, on-the-ground applications of our movement.
  • Spotlight the cool fellas and sisters at the leading edge, making a difference.
  • Bask in the “Miracle of We” that arises when we’re together.
  • Encourage clarity, camaraderie, the passion to share our gifts with the world.

Spoiler Alert: The real answer to the question, What’s Next? is…You.