The Buddha Didn’t Need no Stinkin’ Holosync®

I wanted to write a few words about the use of binaural brain entrainment technology (specifically Holosync® technology) for enhanced meditation, shadow work, and brain transformation. There seems to be some controversy, albeit small controversy, regarding its use. There’s the argument that goes something like this: Well, Buddha didn’t have Holosync®, which makes using Holosync® seem like cheating. There is also the idea that perhaps Holosync® is addictive. Or, there is the argument that if you use Holosync® to achieve very profound brainwave states, it’s not natural; you should be able to do it on your own.

To the first argument, I would say that the Buddha probably didn’t use 97% of the technologies that we use today. Okay. However, seeing that the main purpose, or the heart, of Buddhism is the liberation of all sentient beings from suffering, I believe that the Buddha would celebrate this technology that is helping to heal and awaken so many.

Bill Harris, founder of Holosync® and Centerpointe Institute, recently told me that transmitted Zen master Genpo Roshi is having his new students use Holosync® for a year before they even attempt koans. My experience with my own awakening process and what I see with the clients I work with is simply off the charts. Holosync® not only deepens the spiritual capacity—it is also extremely effective in helping people to heal and release life-crippling, psychological traumas, as well as increasing cognitive intelligence, rebalancing brain chemistry, etc., etc.

The mission of Integral Recovery is to heal and awaken. And this powerful technology is doing just that to a degree that I wouldn’t have formerly believed possible. I was recently asked in a talk if Holosync® is addictive or not. I answered no, it is still a practice and I have to discipline myself to do it. In fact, the morning after that question was asked, I sat in profound pain and darkness for an hour and a half during my morning Holosync®-assisted meditation. Sometimes it feels great, and other times you’re dealing with shadow, suffering, and darkness, all of which have a profound part in the Integral spiritual journey.

Another of the extraordinary things about using brain entrainment technology with meditation, which I have found in myself and heard reported by others, is that even when not using the technology, the Holosync® practitioner is able to access deep meditative states. I was recently at a workshop, sitting in silent meditation with a group of practitioners, and almost immediately was able to access a deep state of Samadhi, or open spaciousness, that was filled with absolute bliss and serenity.

Having said that, let me say there are two ways Holosync® can be used: the lazy way and the disciplined way. I tend toward the disciplined and really work the deep meditative states of consciousness that Holosync® makes available to me. Others (whom I know well) do the lazy version. They will listen to Holosync® and answer their e-mails. That just doesn’t seem right. However, I notice that these people still get profound benefits from doing this type of so-called practice! So, it seems to be kind of idiot proof. Just do it, as the shoe company says.

Sometimes, when I’m really tired and exhausted, I’ll just lay down and put the headphones on and let her rip. But usually, after 45 minutes or an hour of this, I find myself waking up again, becoming alert, and I sit up refreshed and continue to practice.

So, what I’m saying here is that if you do the lazy person’s version, or the dedicated practitioner’s version, or some mix of both, you’re still going to have very powerful and often amazing results. And as you continue to practice and transform your brain to function at a higher level, your traditional meditation experiences will also be much more profound.

I love you all.

Let me know how it works for you.


I am a huge "disciplined" fan

I am a huge "disciplined" fan of Holosync (at least for today) and it's completely transformed practice for me. Prior to Holosync, I was UNable to sit in traditional meditation for long, if at all. After I started using Holosync, I found traditional meditation much much easier. Also of note, I wouldn't sit in group meditation b/c of panic attacks prior to Holosync. Now I can.

Although I prefer the 'great' feelings you speak of above.. I can also attest the 'dark' stuff too, especially have experienced that going to a new level. Even if a person JUST does Awakening Prologue though, great! the effects are permanent - I just see it as ALL good.. but that's just me. Keeping an open mind helps when going into anything new :)

Thanks for the blog post. It's encouraging.

I also am a very

I also am a very "disciplined" fan of Holosync. I'm on Awakening Level 2 disc 3 and have noticed HUGE results in my meditation as well as improved mood and what appears to me to be enhanced focus and learning. I do an hour of Holosync in the morning and sit without it for an hour at night. I've noticed a big improvement in my "normal" or unaided sitting. I also agree with you that even when I am not using Holosync the speed and depth of the concentration states I get into are very profound. I sit at night without the aid of Holosync just to make sure I'm not using it as a crutch. I'm excited to see what the long term effects are. But up to this point it's been well worth the money. I've also noticed the painful sits where had I not had the headphones on saying to myself, "just a little bit longer" I might have gotten up. In this respect its a great disciplinary tool.
Just thought I'd share my experience and echo what you've already said.

Blessings John - good to see

Blessings John - good to see your post.

Holosync is accessible to layers of society that wouldn't engage in traditional meditation. It is incredibly poweful technology. My father is a tough nut to crack - his use of holosync opened up conversations I'd given up on having with him in this life time. In my own personal experience it steered my meditation into corners of work that had not been addressed in my 12 years of deep meditative practice.

The best analogy I've come up with for holosync is that it is to meditation as weight machines are to free weights! They are a lot safer and easier to use on your own, but don't necessarily develop all of the ancillary muscles. Fundamentally, at the end of the day for me, the test has got to be, will it let me let go of my body in a graceful way when its time to transition. Holosync can help train for that but it won't take you across.

I would like to note for the sake of balance that I do believe Bill Harris has some shadow material to work on in relationship to its marketing - which is a major put off to many folks. There is something fundamentally wrong with trying to induce a state of fear or urgency to get someone to purchase something in my opinion. The product does work but that is no excuse. His arguments about price point are completely bogus also. Awakening prologue has no customized material and he could easily seed bit torrent sites with a sample audio image free of charge. Another example is the high fidelity headphones he supposedly offers at a rock bottom price . . . googles shopping engine readily finds a lower price point. I love the technology, but he drinks his own marketing Kool aid ;) Bill if you need any help implementing my suggestions I'll provide technical assistance to walk the walk I'm talking!

With Love,

-Siri Dhyan

PS John I'm going to try and put together a video of a meditation technique I practice for you to give a go at and potentially use with your clients.

Hi John, I am a resident

Hi John,

I am a resident at Kanzeon where Genpo Roshi is abbot, and have been for 1 1/2 years. I am also a consistent user of Holosync for about 3 years. At the center, I meditate with the sanga, in the Zendo, without holosync and meditate with holosync on my own. If you've got the time to devote to meditation, it is a nice practice, splitting up the time between Holosync and traditional meditation. There is something subtely different between them, especially if when the traditional meditation takes place in a spiritual/traditional/religious context as opposed to a self help or personal growth context. I mentioned this to Bill Harris when he was here for a retreat and he agreed it is a good/best practice to combine traditional meditation with holosync.

One thing, you might want to verify with Genpo Roshi himself or talk with Bill Harris again about the extent to which Holosync is used by or recommended by Roshi before talking very loudly about it. There is little if any talk about it here, but of course I am not privey to every student-teacher relationship that Genpo Roshi is involved in.

Take Care,
Don Wingate

I used Holosync for a while,

I used Holosync for a while, but then stopped because I found that it seemed to induce a negative phenomenological state at times -- which I did not experience with the much cheaper Immrama technology. I am wondering if this is because the Immrama technology uses gamma waves as well. I would love to see some proper scientific research on this stuff.

And also, re: the marketing, Bill Harris is definitely got shadow issues there...but folks don't seem to want to talk about those openly, although I have done so with Ken Wilber privately...

I should seems to me

I should seems to me that he has some shadow issues around marketing...I should be more tentative in suggesting such things...i would invite some dialogue about his marketing approach...and invite a dialogue about how we could get some bona fide scientific research done on his by Mind and Life Institute folks, for example...

Hi Durwin, i think Holosync

Hi Durwin, i think Holosync is the real deal. It has pushed me into some phenomenological hells and dark stuff, but it was what needed to happen in my case. If it can be dealt with skillfully it is very powerfully transformative. I know Bills marketing bugs people, and I warn them, but it is just an email... big deal don't read it. I-I never had a problem with his marketing when he was promoting the the ILP box ect. made them a lot of money. I think Integral should ideally help us to keep the baby and get rid of the bath water gracefully. If I dismissed every Integral teacher or human being that has issues there wouldn't be anybody left including yours truly. Bill's contributions have been great, and I'm grateful. Immrana is good also and I use it and recommend it. But the progressive lowering of the carrier frequency rocks. The research needs to be done certainly, but experiential data that is accumulating using Holosync as an essential part of an Integral Recovery practice is is very compelling.

I just started using Holosync

I just started using Holosync a few days ago - with a considerable amount of second thoughts about the price and the marketing, and I am glad to read the assuring words above - both the ones that acknowledge the effectiveness of Holosync and the ones about the shadow issues.
One thing I noticed when receiving the Awakening Prologue was that the paper on "The Science Behind Holosync..." was that the references mostly were rather old by todays standards, most of it from the seventies and eighties and a single one from 1994.
I find it interesting that Centerpointe Research has not found, made or published scientific support recently.

I am on Holosync awakening

I am on Holosync awakening level 2 disc three. I believe I may have I have some important contributions/inquiries.

Frankly, I am afraid to get off Holosync. I am afraid that once I stop listening that I will lack the ability to feel deeply into my soul as I have been lately. "Another of the extraordinary things about using brain entrainment technology with meditation, which I have found in myself and heard reported by others, is that even when not using the technology, the Holosync® practitioner is able to access deep meditative states". I meditate with Holosync everyday for 45 minutes and continue sitting for the full hour and once a week do the full hour. (I find myself too stimulated when I do the whole thing, too emotional). Then at night I meditate for 30 to 45 minutes. I have no doubt that my meditation has deepened by the use of Holosync but my concern is, will it continue if I were to stop? What about when I cant afford to purchase anymore levels? Will I be doomed to samsara because of my lack of funding as a college student? It is like the saying that it is better not to start the spiritual path than to start it then stop. Is that even worse for Holosync? I am afraid to quit.

In the morning, I feel as if I am truly living in the mystery of the universe. Though strangely, I rarely ever feel the radiant Love of existence like I do on meditation retreats. I just experience the Suchness and the Mystery aspects of awakening. It is truly interesting and amazing and wonderful, though while on the peak of this delta wave change I never stop and analyze my experience to say 'this is cool', I just fully appreciate what is in front of me. Truly a shortcut, in my opinion, to awakening. Which is not good or bad necessarily as the next section reveals. I am so wowed by the Mystery that I don't even 'know' that I am in the Mystery. All of my, 'filters of mind' are seen through. So much so that I cannot even 'see' the filters that are being seen through. That takes time. Also, my intuition increases by a ridiculous degree.

As I come down, in the evening, my soul begins to come back to the reality of a habituated ego, but with the trust and openness from experiencing the 'high' of Holosync. Every night is like a rebirth into ego. This is the time when I can become very emotional and expressive and my soul is let out, crying for the heaven it had but did not knwo it had. I do have emotional 'leaks' during the day, but they come and go so quickly that there is no time to digest them and explore their roots. For this, I have found that the Diamond Approach is a superior method of exploring amazing relationship of Soul to Spirit. The soul is 'prematurely' let free from its cage of ego when on the high of Holosync, so our egoic position of a peak experience finds these things threatening, which is why I keep it at 45 minutes as the leaks become too much to handle. When in the safety of my own home, I can deeply, and I mean deeply, explore the beautiful inner terrain of my soul. This, I believe, is ABSOLUTELY essential for Holosync to have truly 'expedient' results as a spiritual tool. Otherwise you bump and bruise and learn blindly and eventually your soul catches on and relinquishes the illusion of ego. Is that really faster than just plain mindfulness?

Also, I experience a significant degree of calm while I am 'high' from it (which, by the way, peaks for about 4 hours and slowly settles more and more throughout the day). I mean, sometimes I am suuuuuper calm.

So back to my original concern about its addictiveness. I can feel when Holosync starts to wear off later in the day, even during one hour days, and am back into a normally condition self. So my fear, once again, is that I'll never be able to access the depths of my soul as Holosync gives me the trust to do so. This may just be one big bleh about my own spiritual path. Who knows, maybe all 'teaching' is just that and we all learn from one another's stories.

Why do we use Holosync? Is it the burning desire to know Truth? To know God? If, as spiritual teachers say, this very desire is the fire that burns away all of our illusory veils of ego, why do we need Holosync? I do not do it for the spiritual 'high', because honestly, its not intrinsicly desirable. Its up and down just like life is, its just more dynamic while being able to retain a sense of calm. What is more desirable for me is to burn away all of our resistances to the simple Truth of what is right now, which occurs in the night when it starts wearing off. I do it for the soul work in other words. Its silly to want the state of Holosync because there is no glory in it, no sweetness. Its just raw experience, a 'premature' awakening. How is that desirable to a soul that is believing the lie of ego? It is the work itself that we desire. The slow freeing of our souls conviction that there is something better somewhere else, something more satisfying. It is a catch-22. A paradox. A loop with no exit. We cannot want the experience of Holosync and want the Truth at the same time. The Truth is not found in any experience, no matter how raw it is, no matter how many filters of the mind are suspended. So, I guess my intention of using Holosync is for soul work, not 'spiritual development'. It is for what is called in the Integral movement, the Shadow.

Now this is a weird thing to talk about but truthful nonetheless. So I am experiencing someone during the day while I am still 'high' and am calm and authentic throughout our interaction. Then I see them in the night and I am a rip roaring talkative crazy guy that wants to get everyone excited and moving. (Ennea-type 7, by the way). So dynamic. Strangely though, I don'd mind it too much. Others though, can seem to get dissapointed when they see me so 'real' during the day and speedy and avoiding at night. So dynamic.

Is it really worth it? I would have to say yes. In spite of my fears of addiction and the other confusing and difficult aspects of dynamics I would have to say that, yes, it is worth it. My soul screams yes, breathing the fresh air of beauty that surrounds her.

Dear Chad. I think

Dear Chad.

I think definitely the path is worth it; anyway it is to late for you to regret that you started, you are obviously already a good way on the path. But the path does not have to go on with Holosync. It can fork, if you like it to.

And if you stop Holosync, you will probably not be any more doomed to Samsara that Buddha himself was, since he probably wouldn't be able to afford Holosync either - had it been around in his days.

I learned another meditation technique which goes fine together with Holosync: Vipassana (My way of Vipassana is the way you can get do it via It is very affordable, since the centers are worked by volunteers and you are actually not allowed to pay for the teaching. You receive it as at donation (DANA) from old students - and you are granted ample opportunity to donate later on, if you want to - and you probably will, because it is worth it.
How much? - you decide.
A Vipassana retreat of 10 days teaches you three techniques: Anapanna, an exercise in observation af the breath as it enters and leaves the nostrils. Vipassana, systematic observation of the whole body, and Metta - a meditation on loving-kindness.

I recommend it to you though, because it seems to me that you havent been introduced to an important piece of knowledge or just haven't got it. One that is stressed very much in
The object of meditation og liberation or whatever you call this is not to get to feel good or to avoid feeling bad.

The object is to learn to experience reality truly - exactly as it is, and to learn to endure it that way.
To get there you must learn equanimity - or equilibrium of mind. Which means learning not to react automatically and impulsively on things you lige or dislike: Craving and Aversion - the longing and striving for pleasant feelings and the avoiding and escaping from unpleasant feelings.

So during the meditation, just watch any feelings with curiosity, as Bill says.

Don't indulge in enjoying the highs or in fearing og hating the lows. Keep a distance and observe carefully from there. The object is learn to experience truth and cope with it, not to select the nice parts and enjoy them, because this leads to a distorted life in illusions, where you cannot help creating confusion and suffering for yourself and others - so you won't succeed in feeling good anyway.

I start my days with Holosync and some days I use Anapanna as well. I have noticed, that the meditation support provided by Holosync has changed the experience when I use Anapanna-Vipassana-Metta in the afternoon without Holosync. It feels more effective (though Bill Harris says you can't judge by that). And I am confident that I am not especially lost if I decide not to go on buying Holosync levels. Vipassana is there too.

Hope you find this useful.
Greetings - Frands.

hi, i have been using

i have been using holosync and i liked it until i started feeling really negative ,it may be due to bill harris using eckhart tolle to market ,and having read new earth i think he is on the wrong track(bill hariss that is) .bill is very ambitiouse and wealth seeking and well it seems hipocrytical but i think i started feeling bad just thinking about him hahah and i did not want any part of it .i am sending it back and getting hemisync cause i like the artwork and that they give props to the composers . i also like dr. wayne dyer his ideas on giving yourself and helping people make me feel so good . and well i think money is an archaic idea ,we could do so much with technology if only the corperations would dissapear , but thats another discusion ,dont get holisync and well be yourself those that mind dont matter and those that matter dont mind this idea made me feel way better than any meditation its from dr. seus quoted by wayne dyer in the shift


This thread is kind of old,

This thread is kind of old, but this is the most respectable place I can find to post:

I am completeing the Holosync program tomorrow, March 31st, 2011. I just wanted to say how thankful I am that I have done this. Over the years Bill Harris's business has definitely "sold-out" to all of the trendy (but effective) ultra-hype-marketing-techniques, which I personally find repulsive. But it's important to focus on whether or not the product is good. I would easily place the Holosync program (called "the end"-centerpointe meditation, or some such thing back when I started) in the top five things to do again if I had to live my life over. It has expanded my map of reality and bridged the gap between my thoughts and actions to an extent I never thought possible for me. It has been at least as important a tool in my quest for integration as my transition to a vegan diet, my physical exercise program, Ken Wilber's writings, and my marriage to in intelligent partner. I can accurately compare these things because they have all been going on for about ten years each. If anyone has an questions about the program they'd like to ask, or just want someone to chat with regarding these topics, you can email me at :

I am very thankful that I discovered holosync, and recommend it in spite of the overpriced/overhyped business model. In fairness, I should also mention that I consider the retreats, books, and one-off audio products sold by CRI to be a waste of money. If you do have money to spend with them, use it for the Holosync program, which works, not on silly stuff of comparatively little use.

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