Episode 001: What is Integral Recovery?

The Journey of Integral Recovery Podcast
Episode 001: What is Integral Recovery

Why You Should Listen:
John Dupuy, author of Integral Recovery: A Revolutionary Approach to the treatment of alcoholism and addition, dialogs with co-hosts Dr. Robert (Bob) Weathers and Doug Prater about Integral Recovery.

At the core of Integral Recovery® is Integral Recovery Practice, a sophisticated system of personal development specifically designed for those in recovery, which engages body, mind, heart, and spirit to produce extraordinary health and awakening on all levels of our being. Also central to Integral Recovery is the AQAL map, a conceptual framework that helps illuminate the disease of addiction—and the journey of recovery—in comprehensive and compassionate terms.

John Dupuy is a native of Texas and grew up in Latin America. John is a veteran of the United States Army, where he served in Europe as a military police investigator. John has a Bachelor’s degree from Texas State University in Modern Languages (German and Spanish) and a Master of Arts degree in Transpersonal Psychology from John F. Kennedy University.

John is the founder of Integral Recovery, has published various articles on the subject, and in 2013, his book Integral Recovery: A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism and Addiction was published by SUNY Press, later to win the 2013 USA Best Book Award.

John coaches individuals suffering from the disease of addiction or depression from his home via Skype; he is an adjunct professor at JFK University, teaching Basic Addiction Studies, and travels nationally and internationally to teach and inspire on the subject of Integral Recovery and brainwave entrainment meditation technology. John has worked in many of the nation’s top therapeutic wilderness programs and helped found Passages to Recovery and Open Sky Wilderness Therapy.

John is an avid meditator and a fitness enthusiast. (He actually does the practices he recommends.) John is also a gifted musician; he has played the guitar since he was 13 years old. He is a singer/songwriter with several albums to his credit and has a passion for singing and playing the electric blues.

John is a pioneer in using brain entrainment technology clinically for the treatment of addiction, depression, and other mental disorders.

Dr. Bob Weathers holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and a Master’s of Arts in Religious Studies.  Over the course of his professional career, Dr. Weathers has provided tens of thousands of hours of therapeutic counseling and recovery coaching to clients. Bob has committed the past 35 years of his professional life to teaching and training graduate-level mental health providers at several southern California universities. He is currently Academic Effectiveness Coordinator at California Southern University, and was instrumental in developing their Addiction Studies Certificate and mindfulness-based clinical training coursework. He has published numerous articles in a broad cross-section of professional books, journals, and edited volumes. His current writing and public speaking focus on applying Integral theory to reducing shame and stigma in addiction recovery.

Doug Prater is an author, meditator, fitness enthusiast, and musician who holds a degree in music: sound recording technology from Texas State University. He is the author of the forthcoming book The Dharma of Harry Potter: A Muggle’s Guide to Buddhism (and a large catalog of fiction…written under a pen name that he won’t tell us.)

Doug’s avid and ongoing study of Buddhism, philosophy, and personal development eventually led him to the work of Ken Wilber and the AQAL map. Together with John Dupuy and Dr. Bob Weathers, Doug shares his personal experience with alcoholism, addiction, and recovery through committed daily practice of meditation, exercise, shadow work, and creativity.

In this Episode:
1:10 John introduces his co-hosts
4:26 Doug Prater’s introduction
6:43 Dr. Bob’s introduction and Background
11:55 The origins of Integral Recovery, John’s background, and depression
18:51 Ken Wilber and Integral Theory
21:40 Integral Practice – the four aspects (body, mind, emotions, spirit)
26:31 Brainwave Entrainment as a tool for meditation, recovery, and releasing trauma
30:00 Why integral recovery and an evolving solution is necessary
34:02 Integral Practice is not a guaranteed cure – there are no magic bullets
42:15 The search for ecstasy, release from suffering, and rebuilding the brain
47:34 The demons of addiction and the importance of community in recovery
51:42 Who is Integral Recovery for?

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