Episode 002: The Neurological Roots of Addiction

The Journey of Integral Recovery
Episode 002: The Neurological Roots of Addiction

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John Dupuy, Dr. Bob Weathers, and Doug Prater discuss addiction as a neurological disease affecting the most fundamental parts of the brain. As developments in our ability to study the brain improve our usnderstanding of its function, our approach to treatment adjusts, transcending and including the work of the AA pioneers as well at the leading edge of scientific inquiry.

Based on our growing understanding of addiction’s neurological roots, the trio discusses the effects of these insights on the toxic shame and feelings of hopelessness that infuse the life of the addict in the upper left AQAL quadrant and their interactions with friends, family, and society in the lower left quadrant.

Our hosts close today’s discussion with a simple but powerful exercise that changes we way we see others, and by extension, ourselves.

In this episode:
1:46 The most important development in the study of addiction
2:51 The role of genetics and age in development of addiction
5:21 The Old’s Experiments – Where and how does addiction affect the brain?
10:52 Addiction is a physical disorder of brain function and the dopamine system
11:36 Addiction, anonymity, shame, and stigma
15:36 Advances in neuroscience and neuroplasticity and their role in the understanding and treatment of addiction and recovery
21:00 Why viewing addiction as a disease matters for treatment
23:20 Addiction, guilt, toxic shame, and the disease model
25:30 The power of identity – having a disease vs. being a disease, and the controlling “I”
28:54 Working with suffering through meditation, mindfulness, and compassion
32:43 Using the lessons of addiction to become our best selves
36:58 Hitting bottom, building character, and hope
41:02 Co-regulation and the importance of community and support
43:17 Recovery exercise: seeing the childhood innocence in one another

Episode Resources:
Spiritual Bypassing by Robert Augustus Masters

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  1. Shanna on February 18, 2018 at 3:54 am

    I just discovered this podcast and I am hooked! With almost 2 years sober I have been looking for something like this to be with me on my next stage of recovery….. Your podcast is so informative and full of wisdom. Thank you

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