Episode 003: The Many Causes and Forms of Addiction

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Episode 003: The Many Causes and Forms of Addiction

Why You Should Listen:
In addition to its physical, neurological, and genetic roots, addiction is a disease of psychology, spirit, and relationships. In this episode, hosts John Dupuy, Dr. Bob Weathers, and Doug Prater examine the necessity of a recovery methodology that works address addiction’s many facets with skill and compassion by embracing the contributions of numerous disciplines and organizations.

The spiritual dimension of addiction and recovery offers us tremendous potential to grow, develop and deepen our lives, but for many recovering addicts, embracing spirituality can be a significant obstacle. Past experiences, education, and the cultural paradigm all affect our understanding of spirituality and our openness to its exploration. The inclusive nature of the Integral Recovery model, therefore, embraces complementary approaches to recovery, and the benefits these adjunct approaches can offer.

Addiction encompasses far more than the use of drugs and alcohol, and as our understanding of addiction deepens, the more we realize how pervasive the problem is – Whether food, gambling, sex, shopping, social media, pornography, adrenaline, or others, the percentage of people who are addicted to processes and behavioral patterns is staggering. Integral Recovery is far more than a recovery paradigm for alcoholism and addiction. It’s a daily practice and a philosophy of life that offers the opportunity for growth, depth, and authentic happiness to everyone.

In this episode:
2:05 Three perspectives on Integral Recovery; Becoming the best version of yourself
4:12 The physical and neurological roots of addiction
6:01 The six causes of addiction
7:30 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in addiction and recovery
10:02 The Part/Whole Error, integrating Wilber’s quadrants, and why seeing addiction exclusively as a spiritual affliction, a psychological one, or a physical one misses the bigger picture
13:20 Alligators in the spiritual swamp and discovering an evolving, personal perspective on spirituality
18:00 Using complimentary approaches to recovery, including Refuge Recovery and Integral Recovery, to help overcome obstacles and resistance to a spiritual solution
20:16 More pervasiveness than we thought – other forms of addiction, suffering, and trauma that affect society.
23:33 Behavioral and Process Addictions, why recovery is for everyone
25:02 What sobriety really means and the essential nature of recovery
27:17 Putting the kittens back in the basket: Continuing our daily practice to find authentic happiness

Episode Resources:
Integral Recovery: A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism and Addiction by John Dupuy
Refuge Recovery

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  1. Angela on March 19, 2017 at 6:10 pm

    Thank you, this was great!
    You touched on so many things I’ve been thinking over in my own recovery process. I love AA but need so much more. I’m glad I found your pod casts and look forward to listening to more.

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