Episode 004: Cleaning Up – What do we Recover in Recovery?

The Journey of Integral Recovery Podcast
Episode 004: Cleaning Up – What do we Recover in Recovery?

Why You Should Listen:

What does addiction take from us, and what do we recover? In this episode, John Dupuy, Dr. Bob Weathers, and Doug Prater examine the daily practice of “cleaning up” through an integral lens. The complex interplay between the inner and outer aspects of ourselves, our relationships, and our society affects every dimension of the addict’s life. Through the ongoing work of cleaning up, we discover our resilience and begin to reconnect with our authentic selves – the “original face” of Buddhism. And though many addicts envision sobriety as a dull life of lily-white purity, we find, as we continue down the path of personal growth, that the world is filled with a depth, richness, and beauty in which we can finally fully participate.

In this episode:

[00:57] Recovery is a practice
[02:37] Getting clean is the prerequisite to evolution
[03:31] Cleaning up AQAL style: our physical bodies, our emotions, and the relationship between them.
[05:41] Hypofrontality, the limbic system, and post-acute withdrawl syndrome
[11:23] What do we recover in recovery?
[15:23] Am I an addict? Effects of substance abuse on the personality and morality
[17:11] Systemic and societal issues in contributing to and treating addiction
[21:33] Overcoming shame, stigma, and marginalization by recovering our true selves by doing the work
[24:29] Can you hear the still, small voice inside? Finding the higher self in the depths of addiction
[26:44] Feeding the right dog: A Native American parable
[29:17] Relapse and the cumulative effects of the daily practice
[31:24] Does sobriety doom us to a life of sterile, passionless purity? Carl Jung’s view on integration
[35:13] Using creative practice as an avenue for emotion and shadow work

Episode Resources:
In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction
Pleasure Unwoven: An Explanation of the Brain Disease of Addiction

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