Episode 005: Waking Up – Leaning into the Great Mystery

The Journey of Integral Recovery Podcast

Mar 24
The Journey of Integral Recovery Episode 5: Waking Up - Leaning into the Great Mystery

The Journey of Integral Recovery Podcast
Episode 005: Waking Up – Leaning into the Great Mystery

Why you should listen:
The daily practice of meditation offers us a profound tool for inner transformation, and it’s central to the Integral Recovery program. But what makes meditation so powerful, and how does the practice affect us as we go about the business of our daily lives, including the work of cleaning up, growing up, and showing up?

In this episode of the Journey of Integral Recovery Podcast, hosts John Dupuy, Dr. Bob Weathers, and Doug Prater dive deep into the world of waking up. The search for truth, the experience of the divine, and the integration of those insights, experienced in a very personal way, are examined through the lens of an evolving Integral perspective that invites you deep into the heart of wisdom, compassion, and transcendence.

In this episode:
[1:47] Wisdom on Suffering from Thich Nhat Hanh
[4:30] One of meditation’s greatest gifts: the witnessing consciousness
[6:53] Bringing more to recovery through meditation, and the technology to assist us
[8:32] What do you realize in deep meditative states?
[10:30] How to bring the insights of meditation back into the world to assist recovery
[16:42] Meditation and Contemplation in the Christian tradition, how that understanding influenced AA, and how waking up integrally, through first, second, and third person perspectives, enriches life and enhances recovery
[22:54] Using spiritual practice to integrate and stabilize insight with being in the world
[24:50] Meditation in the big book, and our constantly evolving understanding of spiritual experience
[26:12] The meditation “super-ego”, expectations, and misconceptions
[27:26] Integrating the heart and the mind by tuning into heart intelligence
[29:18] Does meditation really work? Is it effective for creating change?
[32:10] Transmission of “enlightenedness” and holding suffering in a mindful way
[35:02] Leaning into the great mystery through consistent practice

Episode Resources:
Heartmath Institute


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