Episode 008: Systems, Society, and Recovery – Navigating the Lower-Right Quadrant

The Journey of Integral Recovery Episode 8:
Systems, Society, and Integral Recovery – Navigating the Lower-Right Quadrant

Does society create addicts? Can society help addicts recover, and do they have a responsibility to do so? What is our own responsibility as individuals and co-creators of our cultural paradigm in the prevention and treatment of addiction? How does our own practice of spiritual development, awakening, and realization contribute to our view of the world, and what can we do to facilitate healing in ourselves, others, and the world?

In this episode of the Journey of Integral Recovery, hosts John Dupuy, Bob Weathers, and Doug Prater dive into the lower-right AQAL quadrant to explore our laws, social systems, and economic philosophies and their complex relationship to addiction and recovery.

In this episode:
[2:05] What can Voltaire teach us about Integral Recovery?
[3:13] What are the four quadrants? What do “systems” and “society” have to do with addiction and recovery?
[6:31] The societal negative feedback loop that keeps addicts stuck: the challenges addicts face when reintegrating into society, and how to break the cycle
[10:26] Does society create addicts? What is a society’s role in prevention and treatment?
[16:27] The behaviors, norms, practices, and ideas society takes for granted and accepts as “normal” – How irresponsible over-prescription creates addiction
[19:23] What is the predominant cultural/behavioral ideal of the US, and how does its pursuit affect addiction and recovery?
[19:56] Awakening the “heart of compassion” by working with the lower-right quadrant, and why it matters for recovery and the world
[22:50] How conflict between levels, structures, and developmental stages impedes societal evolution
[25:11] Radical forgiveness through spiritual realization and awakening
[28:30] Why daily spiritual practice matters for our recovery and our evolution
[30:49] The road to healing

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