Episode 10: AQAL Stages and Developmental Levels – The Ladder to Recovery and Growth

Episode 10:
Introduction to AQAL Stages and Developmental Levels
Climbing the Ladder to Recovery and Growth

We’ve heard it said that addicts are selfish and care only about themselves. In Integral Recovery, this behavioral tendency can best be understood through the lens of developmental stages. Our exploration of the AQAL map continues today as we explore the developmental levels of the Spiral Dynamics model. This enlightening framework provides insight on our evolution both as individuals and as societies.

Cultivating our understanding of stages helps us understand how addiction, through its neurological hijacking, regresses the addict to an egocentric, survival oriented level of development. And more importantly, it shows us can how can continue to evolve in our recovery by developing our ability to take perspectives until we reach the monumental leap in meaning that is the second-tier, Integral level of development.

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In this episode:
[2:42] Why an understanding of developmental stages is potentially the most life-changing element of the AQAL map, and the psychoactive nature of study
[6:25] What can Rumi’s knowledge of the voice-heart connection teach us about flow and life?
[9:24] How can we connect with the Integral Recovery Community, and why is community important to recovery? What differentiates the Integral recovery from buddhist recovery and other recovery groups?
[15:20] An introduction to spiral dynamics, the work of Clare Graves and Don Beck, and the Integral developmental map
[17:20] What does everyone on the planet have in common, and what does this mean for our personal and societal development and the way we view the world?
[18:32] The beige level of basic survival
[19:20] The purple shamanistic level of magic
[20:23] The egocentric Red level of power and power gods
[21:44] The ethnocentric Blue/Amber level – the emergence of the Axial age and the great spiritual teachers including Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Lao Tzu. What are the profound benefits of this developmental stage, and what are the problems it presents?
[24:36] The worldcentric Orange developmental level of rationality, reason, and scientific materialism. What did the emergence of orange in the enlightenment era do for individuals, our societies, and the world as a whole?
[31:05] What are the benefits and gifts of the orange/rational level of development? What are its challenges and limitations?
[31:58] The emergence of the Green postmodern/pluralistic wave of development as a response to the challenges of Orange. How did Green show up in our culture, and what did it teach us? What are the problems and challenges of Green in our cultural, and how can we push the leading edge to continue our development?
[34:03] A monumental leap in meaning: the emergence of Second Tier and the Turquoise/Integral level of development. Understanding the importance, necessity, and role of every level of development
[37:28] The effects of addiction on our levels of development, the regression of the addict self, and the promise of growth in recovery.

Episode Resources:
An Integral Guide to Recovery: Twelve Steps and Beyond by Guy du Plessis
Trump and a Post-Truth World by Ken Wilber
The Amplifield


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