Episode 11: The Integral Journey of Dr. Bob Weathers

Episode 11:
The Journey of Dr. Bob Weathers
Addiction, Recovery, and Healing

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. No matter how well educated or how spiritually developed we become, the disease of addiction can grab hold unless we learn to heal the traumas of our past.

In this special edition of the Journey of Integral Recovery, Dr. Bob Weathers shares his personal story. Through the lens of the Integral Map, the process of becoming addicted and the insidious self-deception and regression of awareness is revealed with stunning clarity. Today, Dr. Bobs shares a revealing and heart-felt look at his past, providing us all with the tools for healing, hope, and growth.

In this episode:
[1:23] Spiral Dynamics and Integral Levels of Development – from egocentric to ethnocentric to worldcentric to kosmocentric perspectives
[3:45] How does addiction affect our developmental level and perspective?
[4:35] Carl Jung on becoming conscious of ourselves, and the transformational practice of perspective taking
[7:06] How an understand of levels gave Bob perspective on addiction and recovery. The perspectival lenses of Bob’s family and how their influenced his journey
[10:01] Hallucinogens and the dangers the activist subculture
[12:55] How deep loss leads to doubt, questioning, and spiritual bypassing in the search for answers
[14:57] Breaking out of a box that’s too small to hold our shifting ideas as our spiritual understanding grows
[17:26] Why a spiritual solution is not enough and the importance of working on our trauma
[18:47] The pre/trans fallacy and the unusual combination of the pre-rational red and transrational green developmental levels and the perils of this confusion for an addict
[22:06] Harm reduction and differing approaches to sobriety, and why it’s necessary to work with trauma
[24:02] Why the “blue” altitude of twelve step programs is often an essential first step in the recovery process
[29:32] Addiction and the pre/trans fallacy as a variation in developmental lines
[30:45] Societal stigma and shame in addiction and recovery and how the integral map helps us to take a third-person perspective on the disease
[34:17] Adverse childhood experiences and their relation to shame and addiction and finding ways to reverse shame and stigma for a solid foundation of recovery
[36:47] Avoiding the most profound trigger of relapse

Episode Resources:
Integral Recovery by John Dupuy
Deep Recovery – a guided meditation from iAwake Technologies


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