Episode 20: Dr. Adam Gorman Envisioning a Better Future through Integral Recovery Practice

Episode 20:
Dr. Adam Gorman, Psy.D
Envisioning a Better Future Though
Integral Recovery Practice

We’re losing the war on addiction.

The statistics are in; the problem is growing. Addiction is devastating our lives, our families, and our communities. Traditional models of recovery and treatment for addiction were a necessary step in the right direction, but we’re still losing ground. And it’s killing us. It’s time for a new approach.

Dr. Adam Gorman believes Integral Recovery is the answer.

A pioneering clinical psychologist specializing in early recovery and addiction treatment, Dr. Gorman focuses on teaching his clients a practice-centric Integral approach to help free them from the clutches of addiction in all four quadrants.

Meditation (using iAwake Technologies’ Profound Meditation Program) not only rebalances the brainwaves of an addict in early recovery, but it also shakes loose trauma and insight, opening the door for deeper therapeutic discussion and lasting permanent change. Practice is the key to building character and repairing our damaged perception of ourselves.

Change can be difficult in any area of life, but recovering from addiction is notoriously difficult, due in part to the addict’s inability to envision a better future. Recognizing this obstacle, Dr. Gorman insightful approach helps recovering addicts rediscover joy, laughter, purpose, and hope.

We can’t do it alone. Community, friendship, and support – both received and given – are a powerful force in reshaping our self-perception. The Integral Recovery movement needs to continue to grow, strengthening the bonds of friendship, the shared wisdom, and the commitment to practice.

As we continue to work together co-creating the Integral Recovery movement, Dr. Adam Gorman’s experiential insights and guiding voice will play a key role in shaping the program, spreading the message, and training therapists and coaches to adopt an Integral approach to treatment.

Yes, we’re losing ground in the war with addiction. But, as Dr. Gorman teaches us in today’s episode, we can envision a better future. We can hope. Integral Recovery gives us the map. It’s our responsibility, infused with purpose and meaning, to “Show Up” and follow it.

Episode Resources:
Visit Dr. Adam Gorman’s Website – www.dradamgorman.com
Zen Socks
Integral Psychology: Consciousness, Spirit, Psychology, Therapy
Profound Meditation Program by iAwake Technologies
Stealing Flow: Brainwave Suite for Flow State Mastery by iAwake Technologies and Douglas Prater
Integral Recovery: A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism and Addiction (SUNY series in Integral Theory)
Deep Recovery – a guided meditation from iAwake Technologies

In this episode:

[0:42] An introduction to Dr. Adam Gorman, Psy.D
[2:22] Why are courage and grittiness often more important than experience?
[5:18] Why are Integral Theory and binaural brainwave entrainment meditation such a powerful tool for recovery?
[6:30] How important is addiction, recovery and treatment? How bad is the problem, really, what are the effects on individuals, families, and communities, and what can we do about it?
[9:03] What unforeseen obstacle stands in the way of addiction treatment, and how is Integral Recovery poised to make a positive impact?
[10:03] Shifting our paradigm on addiction and recovery through the four quadrants of Integral Theory.
[12:06] A clinical psychologist’s perspective on why the Journey of Integral Recovery Podcast is such an effective tool for clients in treatment and early sobriety.
[13:30] What is Dr. Gorman’s approach to treatment when working with addicts? The value of practice and using our addictive neurochemistry to serve us positively in recovery.
[15:40] What could be worth the sacrifice of giving up drugs and alcohol?
[16:50] Why a practice-centric approach to recovery including fitness and binaural beats meditation is crucial in early recovery and beyond.
[20:14] The devastation of hopelessness and the importance of envisioning a better future
[21:10] Solidify hope through first-hand experiences of joy, growth, and possibility, and how practice catalyzes and reinforces these experiences to give leverage in recovery
[23:35] Using practice as a device to lead to deeper therapeutic conversations for healing and transformation as it exposes our wounds and opens our hearts
[25:12] What is it about brainwave entrainment meditation that is so powerful and transformative in a therapeutic context?
[26:57] What is the neurochemical reason that substance use and abuse block us from success?
[29:17] What makes Integral Recovery practice such a powerful antidote to the neural restructuring caused by addiction?
[31:00] How to integrate laughter and fun to solidify the hope of recovery
[33:36] ‘Optimal Frustration’ and the counterfeit satisfaction of addiction
[35:34] Why the social connections made in recovery and the strength of the peer group are such a powerful, positive force to reinforce sobriety?
[37:52] Quality of life and deathbed regrets – what are we sacrificing through substance use, whether we’re addicted or not?
[40:33] How throwing yourself wholeheartedly into a challenging situation can force insight and new ways of thinking about old problems
[42:10] Why finding new solutions and trying new approaches is critical for the treatment of addiction
[44:02] The question that’s more important than whether or not you’re an addict
[45:58] Why helping others, and the knowledge that can give back, changes the recovering addict’s sense of self-worth and self-concept almost immediately
[49:02] Using the tiers of iAwake’s Profound Meditation Program for recovery practice, and the use of a bioenergetic therapy to help addicts


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