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  • Woman in headphonesLearn how Integral practices can heal and inspire your life, whether you are an addict or not.
  • Learn about and be inspired by a 21st century approach to the treatment of addiction — one that includes not only addicts but everyone who has been affected by the disease.
  • See how the Integral map illuminates one of our most pressing human tragedies, namely alcoholism and drug addiction.
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These free excerpts of IRI lectures are for you, if you are interested in:

  • Deepening your own recovery process 
  • Learning about Integral Recovery for professional reasons – if you are a therapist, substance abuse counselor, coach, psychologist, psychiatrist, medical doctor, or other healthcare professional
  • Learning about Integral Recovery for other personal reasons (family & friends)

big glasses“John Dupuy’s Integral Recovery is a revolutionary application of Integral Theory to the national epidemic of substance abuse and addictive behavior. Clear, comprehensive, and appropriately inclusive, it points to a radically new way to deal with alcoholism and addiction, one that looks to be incredibly promising and much more effective than existing approaches, all of which are partial and segmented. The Integral approach, on the other hand, by taking a truly holistic (in the best sense of that term) approach, points to a comprehensive strategy much more promising in its results. Highly recommended for professional and layperson alike!”

– Ken Wilber, author of The Integral Vision: A Very Short Introduction to the Revolutionary Integral Approach to Life, God, the Universe and Everything

The Future of Recovery is Integral

The Integral Recovery Institute’s mission is to educate people around the world about addiction and how to apply the Integral model to the treatment of alcoholism and addiction. The backbone of the Integral Recovery model is Integral Recovery Practice.

With the Integral map you will see and understand addiction and recovery as you never have before. And the Integral Recovery Practices are what enable us to travel the territory that the Integral map reveals.


Why are these courses important?

Dupuy_Integral_Recovery_Cover_award-2RAnd why do we say that the future of recovery is Integral?
 Because the current state of recovery treatment worldwide is a disaster. There is virtually no education in our medical schools or the schools that train our counselors and therapists—around the world—on the disease of addiction. This has led, in many cases, to doctors being one of the main sources of addictive drugs to our human family.

John Dupuy recently had a young physician from Sweden approach him at an event and tell him, “I’m a doctor and I had to read your book to understand addiction. And you’re not a doctor! Something is wrong here.” To which he responded, “Yes, there is.

While there are many breakthroughs occurring in our understanding of the disease of addiction as a genetic, neurological, social, and spiritual disease, there has been no serious effort outside of Integral Recovery, to bring all of these disparate fields of study under one roof and to knit them together so that they actually work and cover all the essential bases of this disease.


Enter the Integral map.

AQAL PP VersionWhen John Dupuy first read a paper by Ken Wilber on the AQAL/Integral map some 10 years ago, he immediately saw it as the missing link, or perhaps even the Rosetta Stone, for us to understand the disease of addiction and achieve a much more effective treatment model and program.

Everything that was essential was covered and even a few things that he had not thought of yet:

  • The 4 quadrants (body, self, relationships, living and thriving in the world)
  • The semi-independent lines of development (multiple intelligences)
  • The stages of development (what matters as we evolve)
  • States of consciousness
  • Personality types

With this map, we have the evolutionary scaffolding to hold a truly holistic, Integral approach to healing our beloved addicts and effectively address the disease of addiction. In addition to the map itself, for the last 10 years we have been developing the Integral practices that allow us to traverse the essential territory that is revealed by the Integral map: the individual self, the individual’s body and brain, families, cultures, civilizations, levels of development, states of consciousness, interiors and exteriors, and individual personality types as revealed in the studies of human typologies.


What Others are Saying About the IRI Team

“I learned more in one hour with you than I learned in a year of psychotherapy.”

~J.B, IRI Student

dennis-wittrock“Integral Recovery is where the rubber meets the road and integral theory gets a glorious vehicle of sacred practice to literally save lives. John Dupuy is a true hero of practice and authentically embodies the principles of his pioneering work to treat the disease of addiction. Integral Recovery is tough love in its highest expression, and you know what: it’s not just for addicts.”

~ Dennis Wittrock (M.A.), CEO of Die Integrale Akademie and Integrales Forum

“The Integrated Recovery Model is a superb application of Integral Theory to recovery, and touches all the main bases that Integral Theory recommends. Its founder has done a magnificent job of using Integral Theory fully, faithfully and accurately, to produce what has to be one of the most effective and comprehensive treatment models now in existence.”      

Ken Wilber, Integral Philosopher and Author

17f9c09“Guy du Plessis has published three articles in the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice (JITP). Guy’s work is an invaluable contribution to the growing field of integral approaches to recovery and addiction as well as being a sophisticated usage of Integral Theory that honors and integrates the main etiological perspectives of addiction. In addition, Du Plessis’ methodology provides a template for how other practitioners might go about creating a meta-framework for their own disciplines. Authors from a variety of fields have developed their integral research in the pages of JITP, but Guy’s work stands out as one of the most pragmatic, clearly articulated, and nuanced applications of the Integral model.”

~Lynnwood Lord, Managing Editor of the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice

“John Dupuy’s approach to addiction treatment is proving to be my personal missing link in my evolution as a recovering alcoholic.”

~ Adam Gorman, Psy.D