For Professionals

Integral Recovery is not just for those suffering from the disease of addiction and depression, but also for professionals who are seeking to work with this population. Integral Recovery offers new eyes, new practices, and new hope for those who are on the front lines dealing with addiction and its consequences. I often say, "Addiction is the fifth horseman of the apocalypse." (The first four horsemen represent: Conquest, War, Famine, and Death.) It is one of the most intractable and cataclysmic problems facing our world and our peoples and it is my hope that by using this new Integral approach that together we can roll back the black tide and bring new hope and efficacy to the treatment of addiction.

For those of you who want to know more about Integral Recovery, this website is also full of articles, videos, and resources for you to explore. We have ongoing teleseminars, the book Integral Recovery is now available, and you may contact John personally about consultation and/or coaching services at

Workshops & Presentations

John is an engaging speaker and loves to teach about Integral Recovery. You can see a video clip of him speaking on Ken Wilber's blog website, on the Integral Life website, or via videos on this site. Workshops can be as long as you like -- one hour, several hours, or for a whole weekend -- depending on your interests.

General Workshop Outline

  • A Brief History of Integral Recovery
  • What is Addiction?
  • Overview of the AQAL Model
  • Applying the Integral map/AQAL model to the the treatment of addiction & alcoholism
  • Integral Recovery Practice: Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotions
  • Brainwave Entrainment Meditation, one of the essential practices in an ongoing, lifelong program of Integral health and recovery
  • Experiential use of BWE meditation technology  
For a list of John's past workshops and presentations, please see below.


John Dupuy at What Next? Integral New Year's ConferenceWatch John tell his own story and the story of Integral Recovery at What Next? Integral Conference in December of 2012.


Consulting Services

For health care professionals who are interested in learning the Integral Recovery model and integrating it into their practice or program, and for those who are interested in becoming Integral Recovery coaches, John is available for ongoing consultation and teaching online. He has been working with students and clients on Skype for the last several years and is delighted to report that it has been very effective. John is also available to visit your program and train your staff in presentations or workshops, on site or using Skype.

The consultation process genearally consists of teaching a basic understanding of addiction as a neurological disorder, teaching the application of the AQAL model to the treatment of addiction and recovery, and teaching how to initiate people into a lifelong Integral Recovery Practice. Consultation can also cover program design and implementation.

Please e-mail to set up an initial free consultation.


Applying the Integral Map to Treatment Assessment

Four Quadrant Treatment Assessment


Past Workshop Presentations

  • December 2013, Integral Recovery 2-day workshop and evening Brainwave Entrainment Meditation Technology Presentation, iPraktik, Moscow, Russia

Russian Integral Friends Dec 2013

Russian Integral Group, Moscow, December 2013
  • December 2013, Integral Recovery 2-day workshop, and evening book reading, Spirit First, Nederasselt, Holland
  • June 2011, Integral Recovery Practice workshop, Hof Oberlethe, Oldenburg, Germany
  • October 2010, Integral Recovery Immersion Weekend, Joshua Tree Retreat Center, Joshua Tree, CA
  • September 2010, Introduction to Integral Recovery, Naropa Wilderness Therapy Symposium, Boulder, CO
  • July 2010, Integral Recovery Panel Discussion (John leader of panel), Integral Theory Conference, JFK University, Pleasant Hill, CA
  • June 2010, Integral Recovery presentation and podium appearances, Integral Forum Conference, Berlin, Germany
  • January 2010, Introduction to Integral Recovery, 2010 NATSAP Conference, La Jolla, CA
  • May 2009, Integral Recovery 2-day workshop, Die Integrale Akademie, Bremen, Germany

John (far left) gives closing comments at the Integral Conference in Bremen - May 2009


  • May 2009, Intro to Integral Recovery workshop, Psychotherapie-Kongress, Akademie Heiligenfeld, Bad Kissingen, Germany
  • August 7-10, 2008 | John F. Kennedy University, San Francisco, CA
    1st Integral Theory Conference— Integral Theory In Action: Serving Self, Other, and Kosmos. for details. John presented his work on Integral Recovery at this historic first-ever Integral conference in the United States!
  • November 23-25, 2007 Integrales Forum's annual Integral Congress in Chieming, Germany
  • September 7-9, 2007 Naropa University's annual Wilderness Therapy Symposium

John Leads a Holosync Meditation Group in Germany
John leads a Holosync Meditation Group in Germany - November 2007