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Experience the revolutionary Integral Recovery approach to recovery from alcoholism and addiction. The Integral map changes our understanding of addiction and recovery, and offers new hope for a lifetime of  health, sobriety, and well-being.

The Integral Recovery Practice Course

iStock_000019861580LargeIn this course, we teach you what we have learned about addiction, the basics of the Integral map, and how to apply this map to recovery from alcoholism and addiction. You will learn the essential Integral Recovery practices that can transform your life, and become a part of the IRI community. The Integral Recovery Practice course provides a map and a tool kit with which to navigate the journey of recovery, awakening, and creating your best self.

Learning the Integral map and Integral Recovery practices is also very useful for individuals suffering from depression, PTSD, and other mental disorders. In fact, we all suffer — whether from early trauma, negative life narratives, simply forgetting who and what we really are — for all of us, an Integral Recovery Practice can provide the structure to optimize our lives, going beyond mere sobriety to feeling really good about ourselves, what we are doing, and how we are relating with the world around us.

Join the Integral Recovery Institute:

  • Because you want to deepen your recovery process
  • Because you want to gain a better understanding of addiction and the process of recovery
  • Because you want to improve your physical health
  • Because you want to heal your emotional life and mend your personal relationships
  • Because you want to put your life in order (employment, education, living in the world)
  • Because you want to join a recovery community and give and receive support
  • Because you want to help loved ones, friends, and family members

The Integral Recovery Practice Course includes:

  • 9-unit Study Guide
  • Profound Meditation Program 3.0 Starter Kit (by iAwake Technologies)
  • Downloadable Lecture Recordings covering a wide range of related topics
  • Lively Monthly Group Forums facilitated by the faculty
  • Each student assigned a faculty advisor
  • Weekly Integral Recovery Fellowship Meetings online (optional)

Why is this course important?

Colin meditating croppedI was recently asked, “What makes Integral Recovery different from any other approach to recovery?” I answered, Integral Recovery is a practice. Integral Recovery is an ongoing, daily, transformative practice that is illuminated by the Integral lenses that make up the Integral map.

The theoretical Integral map does not reach its potential and ignite the fires of transformation and healing only when thinking replaces the doing. The doing is the commitment to take responsibility for your own sobriety, awareness, and evolution.

The anecdotal evidence and the science is overwhelming: to achieve greatness in any field of human endeavor takes hard work and intelligent practice. In Integral Recovery, we have boiled Integral practice down to its essentials — practices which almost everyone can do in order to achieve the greatest versions of themselves.

Beyond mere sobriety, we must create a life that is truly worth living and replace the pseudo happiness of drugs and alcohol with the authentic happiness that comes through practice, self-discipline, and the grittiness of character of those individuals who have committed themselves to a lifelong Integral practice.

This may sound simple — and it is. But it is not easy. Achieving greatness never has been easy, nor should it be. There is challenge in this, there is hope, and there is glory. And a dedication and commitment to Integral practice is very challenging in the beginning — just as leaving behind the habits of using and abusing drugs and alcohol is very difficult in the beginning.

Erik-Adam-Jason-website2I often tell my students that in the beginning of their recovery process, they need to put the same time and effort into getting sober that they previously put into staying high. As in any practice, we have to be willing to be rookies and beginners when we get started, and we do this by seeing the hope of a better future and life, and by the incremental or sometimes dramatic leaps forward in our own evolution that we experience in a life committed to Integral practice.

So allow us to be your teachers, your guides, and coaches, to get you into and winning the game of your own life. We establish our Integral practices using the Integral map, and in turn the practices establish us. As a student once said to me, “So, John, what you’re saying is, ‘Practice is the guru?'” Yes, that is exactly what I’m saying.

Enter the Integral map.

AQAL PP VersionThe Integral map makes it possible to address all of our needs in all four quadrants: what we need to do to maintain and improve our physical health, our self-esteem, change our negative narrative stories, release trauma and wounding from the past, mend our relationships with our friends and loved ones, co-workers, and community, and put our life in good order.

Integral is sometimes referred to as “holism with a map”:

  • The 4 quadrants (exploring dimensions of self, body, relationships, thriving in the world)
  • The semi-independent lines of development (multiple lines of intelligence)
  • The stages of development (the emphasis on what matters to us changes as we evolve)
  • States of consciousness
  • Personality types

With this map, we have the evolutionary scaffolding to hold a truly holistic, Integral approach to healing alcoholics and addicts and effectively address the disease of addiction. In addition to the map itself, for the last 10 years we have been developing the Integral practices that allow us to traverse the essential territory that is revealed by the Integral map: the individual self, the individual’s body and brain, families, cultures, civilizations, levels of development, states of consciousness, interiors and exteriors, and individual personality types as revealed in the studies of human typologies.


What Students are Saying About the IRI Team

I learned more in one hour with you than I learned in a year of psychotherapy.

~J.B, IRI Student

One of the biggest things I’m grateful for is you guys. This [course] has given a dimension and texture to my life that I can’t even describe. It’s just a damn miracle.

~ L.H., IRI Student

To do what he does, John seems to become a cross between a football coach and a rabbi, a Zen master and a college professor.

~ Brett Walker, Daily Evolver

Professor Bob Weathers is perhaps the most knowledgeable and passionate instructor on the subject of of substance abuse I have ever had. I have learned more about addiction from him than I have in all of my other classes combined. I am contemplating changing my career to focus on substance abuse because of what he has taught me.

~ Masters Level Student at Argosy University

Dr. Bob is a wonderful professor and I thoroughly enjoyed his class. He is so knowledgeable and down to earth, gracious and humble, and I cannot say enough good things about him. Wonderful class.

~ Masters Level Student at Argosy University

The Integral Recovery Practice Course includes:

  • 9-unit Study Guide
  • Course length typically six months to complete
  • Profound Meditation Program 3.0 Starter Kit (by iAwake Technologies)
  • Online Sharing Forum
  • Weekly Audio/Visual Class
  • Lively Optional Group Forums facilitated by faculty
  • Each student assigned a faculty advisor
  • Ongoing support
  • Certificate of Completion

Tuition: $1770

CTA-ApplyNow We hope you will join us as pioneers and co-creators of the ever-evolving Integral approach to recovery.