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The Integral Recovery Institute provides online addiction therapy and coaching for individuals entering recovery as well as for those who want to “integralize” their recovery programs. Treatment centers can offer it as part of their treatment package. Online coaching is a feasible solution for individuals who, for financial and geographical reasons, cannot attend inpatient or outpatient treatment programs, or other aftercare options. The coaching process consists of teaching a basic understanding of addiction as a neurological disorder, teaching the application of the Integral/AQAL model to addiction and recovery, and initiating people into a lifelong Integral Recovery Practice. Keeping true to Integral wisdom, IRI works with clients “where they are at”—at their current stage of development.

New to Recovery: For those of you who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and recognize the need for recovery in your life—the need to stop using and stop having addictive substances control your life—you have come to the right place. Welcome. We will work together to develop an initial assessment (knowing that not everyone is the same, nor at the same stage in the progression of the disease), support you, and coach you in the detoxing process (if needed), make recommendations for primary treatment, if necessary, and give you ongoing support as you integrate and practice the Integral Recovery method.

Already in Recovery: Another aspect of our services is for, even especially for, those who are currently in recovery, who are looking to deepen their understanding of themselves, their recovery process, and their spiritual journey. You will receive education, practices tailored to your specific needs, and ongoing coaching to support your Integral Recovery Practice.

Families:  We are available to coach individuals who have loved ones who are suffering from the disease of addiction. This includes an initial assessment of your loved one’s condition and suggestions for treatment options. In addition to supporting treatment of the chemically-dependent family member, you will learn about the disease of addiction and the basic Integral Recovery model, and be supported in establishing your own Integral Recovery Practice. As the chaos of addiction affects everyone in the family, so Integral Recovery includes all in the healing process.

Looking for a Lifelong Practice: Early on in the development of Integral Recovery, it became very apparent that Integral Recovery is not just for addicts. People have reported extraordinary results from doing the same practices we recommend to our beloved addicts. So, we are also available to any of you, whether you are in recovery from drug addiction or not, to create an Integral Recovery Practice that will facilitate healing and awakening in all four quadrants of your life.

“Nobody will save you but you. You alone have to engage your own contemplative development. There are all sorts of help available, and all sorts of good agencies to quicken this development, but nobody can do it for you. Spiritual development is not a matter of mere belief; it is a matter of prolonged, difficult growth, and merely professing belief is meaningless and without impact. Reality is not interested in your beliefs; it is interested in your actions, what you actually do…”

~ Ken Wilber, author of The Integral Vision: A Very Short Introduction to the Revolutionary Integral Approach to Life, God, the Universe and Everything

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