I learned more in one hour with you than in a year of psychotherapy.

J.B., IRI Student

dennis-wittrockIntegral Recovery is where the rubber meets the road and integral theory gets a glorious vehicle of sacred practice to literally save lives. John Dupuy is a true hero of practice and authentically embodies the principles of his pioneering work to treat the disease of addiction. Integral Recovery is tough love in its highest expression, and you know what: it’s not just for addicts.

Dennis Wittrock (M.A.), Co-Director Integral European Conference, Past CEO Integrales Forum

I am totally blown away by John’s awareness and knowledge about recovery from addictions. After only one session, I have the tools to start changing my perspective on reality. After using the tools for two weeks, I feel like a new person. There is hope and excitement where before there was depression and anxiety. I love John’s holistic approach, which takes into account mind, body, and spirit. This is a groundbreaking approach to addiction recovery like no other out there. Thanks, John.

Pip Galea, Coaching Client, October 2009

bill-harrisJust when we need it the most, John Dupuy has appeared on the addiction recovery scene with a new and more integrated approach that dramatically speeds recovery and reduces relapse rates. Using an innovative Integral approach that treats the addict physiologically, psychologically, and environmentally, John covers all the factors that must be addressed to help the addict step from a self-destructive lifestyle and into a new and addiction-free life.

Bill Harris, Director, Centerpointe Research Institute

Guy du Plessis has given us a very important example of how to apply the Integral model to the process of recovery, thus insuring us that the approach will be more comprehensive, inclusive, and therefore more effective.

Ken Wilber: Integral Philosopher and Author

anna-cowenI have experience of Guy in both his counselling work and in his work as a fellow Integral practitioner. Guy has tremendous capacity to land big picture, integrative thinking into practical reality with both compassion and dexterity. He provides thoughtful and robust input to complex challenges, enabling a deeper inquiry. In his work as an addiction counsellor, he holds space for others’ healing with both a fierce humility and an uncompromising honesty.

Anna Cowen: Director of Meshfield

ingrid.regenass_1341764914_7Guy has brilliant insight into the needs of the recovering addict. His Integrated approach to recovery addiction is bold and refreshing and reflects a deep knowledge and understanding of Integral Theory as well as the challenges facing the recovering addict. I have no doubt that Guy’s persistence and passion will shine through and light the way for people in recovery from addictions.

Ingrid Regenass: Integral Health & Somatic Life Coach

big glassesGuy du Plessis’ The Integrated Recovery Model is a superb application of Integral Theory to recovery, and touches all the main bases that Integral Theory recommends. Its founder has done a magnificent job of using Integral Theory fully, faithfully and accurately, to produce what has to be one of the most effective and comprehensive treatment models now in existence.

Ken Wilber: Integral Philosopher and Author

Guy du Plessis has published three articles in the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice (JITP). Guy’s work is an invaluable contribution to the growing field of integral approaches to recovery and addiction as well as being a sophisticated usage of Integral Theory that honors and integrates the main etiological perspectives of addiction. In addition, Du Plessis’ methodology provides a template for how other practitioners might go about creating a meta-framework for their own disciplines. Authors from a variety of fields have developed their integral research in the pages of JITP, but Guy’s work stands out as one of the most pragmatic, clearly articulated, and nuanced applications of the Integral model.

Lynwood Lord: Managing Editor of the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice

Words would not describe the phenomenon teaching of Dr. Bob. I’ve never learned as much as I did from this class, and because of his teaching style, I’m inspired to learn more about this subject. My brain had an upgrade to higher learning from Dr. Bob.

Professor Bob Weathers is perhaps the most knowledgeable and passionate instructor on the subject of of substance abuse I have ever had. I have learned more about addiction from him than I have in all of my other classes combined. I am contemplating changing my career to focus on substance abuse because of what he has taught me.

I wish all instructors could be like Dr. Bob. I have never had a class where everyone (and I mean everyone) was sad that the class was ending. Dr. Bob is amazing. He provided so much information and presented it in a way that we could understand and digest the information.

Dr. Bob is a wonderful professor and I thoroughly enjoyed his class. He is so knowledgeable and down to earth, gracious and humble, and I cannot say enough good things about him. Wonderful class.

Masters Level Students at Argosy University

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