The Daily Evolver Releases Interview with Jeff Salzman & John Dupuy

Want to recover? Get your Integral Practice mojo going! Listen to Jeff Salzman and John Dupuy talk about Integral Recovery and Practice. The Daily Evolver (Integral Life’s weekly news column) interview with Jeff Salzman, Integral pioneer, teacher, and commentator, and John Dupuy was released March 6, 2014.

From Brett Walker’s eloquent introduction:

“Integral Life Practice as Treatment for Addiction, with John Dupuy

Every once in a while a celebrity death brings the issue of addiction to the forefront of our collective consciousness. Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s passing was terrifying for many addicts because unlike say, Amy Winehouse, who was never sober long enough to be in recovery, Hoffman had twenty-three years clean. After relapsing on painkillers in 2012 he was apparently in and out of rehab a few times, but he never recovered again.” Read more.

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