Dharma Punx - Meditation & Recovery

Dharma Punx in New York City finds connection between Buddhism and punk rock ideology. In this CBS News interview Dr. Jon LaPook talks with teacher Josh Korda about how the punk movement finds a home in the ancient spiritual tradition.

A few excerpts from the interview:

“Both punks and Buddhism have an enormous questioning of everything and an encouragement for us to find the answers through our own lives, our own practice, our own awareneww…

“The punks really said, no, it’s really about what’s going on inside of your, what’s your real purpose, not trusting anything, finding out for yourself.  The Buddha taught the exact same thing….

“Part of the meditation practice is to bring awareness to the habitual ways we get ourselves worked up, to give us choices to what we think about.
Meditation is a great help in not only ending the behaviors that cause us stress, but also addictive behaviors. Anyone who’s had a tendency to misuse alcohol and drugs “


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