Een integraal model voor de bevrijding van verslaving

Thanks to our Dutch friend and sponsor of an Integral Recovery workshop in Holland in early December 2013, Joop de Vette of Spirit First, we are pleased to offer here a Dutch translation of John's article (with Marco Morelli), Toward an Integral Recovery Model for Drug and Alcohol Addiction, first published in AQAL: Journal of Integral Theory & Practice in 2007.

Confronting the Collective Shadow

After spending a month teaching about Integral Recovery in Germany, John reflects on the power of the collective shadow: “transformed, it becomes the raw energy and power for positive evolution, creativity, compassion, healing, and hope of and for the future.”

Ken Wilber and John Dupuy Discuss Brainwave Entrainment-Binaural Beat and Trauma (Transcript)

Transcript of a brief exchange between Ken Wilber and John Dupuy on Holosync-enhanced meditation. The actual audio originally aired on Integral Naked.  Read more »

Surfaces and Depths

by John Dupuy – “One of the main insights of the great mystics, and one of the essential truths of Integral Recovery is that all suffering comes from identification with surfaces.” What does it mean to enter into depth and out of suffering? This paper explores how this question relates to Integral Practice and Integral Recovery.